Solved How to get CS 1.6 Entity Base and Distance Each Player

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Jan 21, 2014
the title say it. :p
can anyone help me
If you browse the forum and perform some searches for a few hours you will find the answers to most questions here. It is unlikely that anyone will give you a game specific technique for CS1.6 but the general technique that everyone uses is this:

  1. Find a variable in the player class, for instance health.
  2. Use Find What Accesses this address to find the offset.
  3. Subtract the offset from the address of the health.
  4. This is your entity base address.
  5. Find a pointer to it.
  6. Do the same thing for several other characters to find the entity list

To Find the distance, find the 3d coordinates of the other players and then use the Distance() function:

vec3_t Subtract(vec3_t src, vec3_t dst)
	vec3_t diff;
	diff.x = src.x - dst.x;
	diff.y = src.y - dst.y;
	diff.z = src.z - dst.z;
	return diff;

float Magnitude(vec3_t vec)
	return sqrtf(vec.x*vec.x + vec.y*vec.y + vec.z*vec.z);

float Distance(vec3_t src, vec3_t dst)
	vec3_t diff = Subtract(src, dst);
	return Magnitude(diff);
Whilst I have no problem helping you, the topics have been discussed at large here many times :)


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Jul 21, 2016
1- Find you player stuff
2- Find entity list
3- Search in the list for enemies (generally an address which value's 0 or 1)
4- Do the calculations

There's a bunch of ways to find these things, take a look in the forum and you will be fine. I'm sorry I can't help you with more than this 'cause these weeks I don't even have time 4myself
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