Solved How to find if entity is player?

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Jun 16, 2017
PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:52 pm Post subject: How to find if entity is player? Reply with quote
I followed
1 - Find an enemy's HP value.

2 - Right-click, find what accesses that address.

3 - Find code there that runs all the time, click Show Disassembler.

4 - On that code, right-click it and choose "find what addresses this instruction accesses".

Rydain's little guide on how to get the entity list, but I used names instead of HP, anyway, I was wondering how I could find more infomation about the player. like if it's a player or not, if the entity is in the air, is it on fire, ect. any simple way to go about this?


Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
Typically you find a pointer to your health or whatever which you do by using the technique you posted. Your health could be stored in several different objects, you need to find the correct one which you just figure out by trial and error. It doesn't matter for the most part if you find like a client side version vs the one replicated from the server to the client but for the other entities you need to find the correct object that is used for all players on the server. If you remove the last offset (the health offset or whatever) you now have the dynamic address of the player object. Entity lists are usually arrays of player objects or arrays of pointers to player objects. Sometimes searching for pointers to the entity vtable is a good method as this will yield all objects that use the player vtable, and no other objects will use this vtable. If it's an array of player objects you can use the size of the object aka entity loop distance to get from one entity to the next. If it's an array of pointers to player objects you search for the dynamic address of the players and compare your results. The entity list of player pointers will feature pointers to each player object at distances of 4 or 8 bytes depending if it's 32bit or 64bit game due to size of pointers in these arrchitectures. Finding more information about the player? Reverse engineering, guessing & trial and error. As you reverse more and more functions you will discover more and more about the player class. ReClass is a great tool because it shows you 3 representation of each variable in the class and some things will just pop out at you such as player position, velocity, health etc...
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