Tutorial How to edit Variables in OllyDBG Tutorial

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Feb 3, 2015
Good day everyone.

This is my first tutorial on this Forums so I decided to start it with easy stuff :)

In this tutorial, I will be covering how to edit a Value of a Variable which is in this case a String.

Open up OllyDbg and attach it to a process, In my case, I will be attaching it to a simple D3D Test Environment program.
Now, Go to your choosed module, search for All Referenced Text Strings, Locate your String you want to edit.
After opening the String, right click the "PUSH" command which should have a comment "ASCII <Your string>" on it.
After right clicking it, Choose "Follow in dump" and "Immediate Constant". Now, look in your Dump viewer below your Module viewer.
Now, You should see your string on the first line, Mine will be "D3D9 test environment" as shown in the image:
Highlight the String and press CTRL+E or right click it and select "Edit".
Now you can edit the string but remember to keep the size the same!
After editing it, save it and go back in your program, remember to Un-pause the process in OllyDbg if you haven't already.

Your String should be changed now as mine did:

If you want to save your modified Variable, Go back to Olly and press Right click on the Dump viewer and choose "Copy to executable file"(Remember to have your modified variable highlighted) and then a new window pops up, Right click it and choose "Save file".

There it is! Have a good day everyone.


Sep 4, 2016
Can you upload(send me) the test environment plzzz?I can't find that one anywhere.
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