Source Code How to Draw Filled Circles

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Feb 20, 2016
void DrawCirlceSplashDamage(Vector3D PositionNade, float radius, vec4_t Color)
	for (int i = 1; i <= 360; i++)
		float ScreenPosPositionOfNade[2];
		float ScreenPositionOfRadius[2];

		float PositionNadeRadius[] = { PositionNade.x + (radius * cos(i * PI / 180)),PositionNade.y + (radius * sin(i * PI / 180)), PositionNade.z };
		float PositionOfNade[] = { PositionNade.x,PositionNade.y,PositionNade.z };
		WorldToScreen_(0x0, GetScreenMatrix_(), PositionOfNade, ScreenPosPositionOfNade);
		WorldToScreen_(0x0, GetScreenMatrix_(), PositionNadeRadius, ScreenPositionOfRadius);

		DrawLine(ScreenPosPositionOfNade[0], ScreenPosPositionOfNade[1], ScreenPositionOfRadius[0], ScreenPositionOfRadius[1], Color, RegisterShader("white"), 5);
To draw a "filled" circle around a certain point,could be useful to draw the grenade damage radius (Thats what I did) :)

void DrawCirlceOnScreen(Vector2D Position, float radius, vec4_t Color)
	for (int i = 1; i <= 360; i+=10)
		int x = i + 10;
		Vector2D PositionOld(Position.x + (radius * cos(i * PI / 180)), Position.y + (radius * sin(i * PI / 180)));
		Vector2D PositionNew(Position.x + (radius * cos(x * PI / 180)), Position.y + (radius * sin(x * PI / 180)));
		DrawLine(PositionOld.x, PositionOld.y, PositionNew.x, PositionNew.y, Color, RegisterShader("white"), 1);
Draws a circle around a certain position on the screen,could be useful for a circle ESP(Thats what I did :D)


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Aug 19, 2012
If you do a filled circle, I would recommend triangles instead of lines, since it gets more performant that way and you wont get resolution problems with empty pixels :)
the theory looks like that: (well almost, Im not good in drawing ... my art teacher hated me ... :*( )

Ofc you need to apply it for the rendering engine you use :p
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