Tutorial How to Debug game with WinAppDbg in python 3

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Dec 1, 2012
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What you need
WinAppDbg, PyQT5

I see that there are some posts talking about how to hack game by using python. They used pymem, win32 etc...

For me i get used to the module "WinAppDbg". It has nearlly all necessary stuffs to modify game's memory, get process/thread 's characteristics.

Originally this module can work only with python 2. But i tried to modify and fix some bugs so now it can work with python 3.

For ex how to use this module, you can take a look at the python files in the "tools" and "examples" folders or the tutorials on this website:
WinAppDbg - Part 1 - Basics

Here the github of that module in python 3 : (i hope i can contact the author so he could approve the function with python 3)


Here an example of using this module with pyqt5 to view the memory of the app
If you have any problem, please tell me.

Good luck !
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