How long should it take?

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Aug 13, 2012
I'm 17. I learn C++ now. I wonder from what age you are programming.
Another things, can you think speak english is very important for understand about hacks?
Many thanks.


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Aug 14, 2012
I'm 18 and I've been learning about programming n stuff like 3+ years and I'm still currently learning. And it doesn't really matter what language you know in order to make or understand hacks. As long it's in an language understandable to you, then understanding comes easy as long you're able to think around the concept and then learn to implement the concept.
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Jul 18, 2012
If you keep at it, you can get all the basics down pretty quickly. Once you have gone through the basics I would suggest going through them a second time just so that you have a strong understanding of the basics, since it's going to be the base of every program, even advanced ones.
I started a few years ago, but I didn't really start going into advanced things till about 8 months ago. With the amount of resources available, you can learn a programming language very quickly.

As far as a language goes, it's not really going to matter in the code. The part that is going to matter is the sources for learning, as most are going to be in English. I'm sure there are many books/tutorials for your language too though. (Unless you speak something like Mongolian, that isn't popular. :p)

Good luck! I'm sure you will go far if you really stick to it and have some dedication. :)

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May 27, 2012
Hey there IM 19 and I started at around age 14 but I tried to go straight to coding cheats and I failed for about 1 month then I decided not to be lazy and study so I started to learn the language of my choice which was C++ and when I went back to some forums I was amazed at how good I understood things then I moved on by my self creating basic cheats then I really wanted to do something better and started studying DX9 from a great website which I will recommend for you it has so much info and all well documented also i recommend it will help you alot. After that I just started reading books on Reversing and ASM Learning the windows from inside etc... it will be essential to hacking. Then I dedicate most of the time to bypassing Anti-cheats because once you can easily create a cheat bypassing the anticheat will be your next goal which will leave you stuck -1 point behind the line alwasy trying to bypass it and make your cheat undetected, so all its been around 5 years for me and counting :) one thing at first don't try to take all on your own and what I mean is don't try to make an ESP or Aimbot if you can't even research mathematical functions online or create a simple chams or nametags thats towards hacking and towards learning the programming language of your choice I would recommend sticking to it and going at your pace and 1 thing you don't really learn from online tutorials if you read a book you will understand on your own words and your mind will retain the info better. Well mate I hope you understand my point and I hope you find your road to programming much more comfortable now.


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