Solved how i protect my Cheat against VAC(Valve anti cheat)

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May 23, 2014
Hello all,

first :

i used autoit and basicly just




how i prevent my hack now against anti cheat?

does a simply pack with UPX work? or need i also Crypt the file with themida/any other crypter??

thanks in advance

(dont think i say bullshit or anything... memory edit with autoit isnt hard)


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Oct 14, 2012
Well every packing can be unpacked you can only protect from static analyzing and debugging.
Probably you should implement some anti-debug techniques, the static analyzing gets pretty much prevented from a packer.

Some tools, though even have anti-debug methods implemented when packing your tool, like VMProtect.

I think, though that implementing your own anti-reversing/anti-debugging stuff requires you to code it yourself and not use Auto-it

Read Tutorial - How To Bypass VAC Valve Anti Cheat Info
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