Solved How do I make a program that automatically changes the values of byte addresses?

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Feb 16, 2017
So, I have had a lot of trouble trying to make a .DLL hack that will change the values of byte addresses, How would I make a DLL that will change the values of 3 specific byte addresses, this is a hack for Call of Duty 4.

I need to change the byte value of 00457CCF to 117
I need to change the byte value of 00416C7B to 116
I need to change the byte value of 00430ED5 to 116

I have tried to make a c# program with VA Memory that fulfills my purpose, but that did not work. The program ran but it never changed the values to what I needed them to be

I am a noob, please help.



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Feb 20, 2016
//In your dllmain if u go internal:
*(byte*)(0xDEADBEEF) = 117;
//So basically:
*(type*)(Offset) = value;
Don't quote me on it as my cpp is a bit rusty.

On C#:
//some marshall stuff
int numOfbytes = 0;
WriteProcessMemory(handle,new byte [] { 117}, 1, ref numOfbytes);
I am on phone so this might not work exactly like provided, but it should give u an idea how to do it. For the handle you will need OpenHandle(arg, arg1,arg3) just ask google.
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