Solved Hooking a function to get its return value using EasyHook in C#

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Sep 26, 2015
Hi there,

I am completly new to hooking, please forgive my stupid questions =)

I want to retrieve the return value of a hooked function everytime the function gets called by the game. All examples about hooking functions with EasyHook had the functions name and parameters of the hooked function. Example (scroll down):

Do I really need to know the function name and parameters even if I just want to get its return value? All I got is the memory address of the function and the IDA pseudo code.

(I just want to retrieve the result)

Maybe this question isn't EasyHook specific but more a general hooking question.



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Jun 25, 2014
No clue how this works with easy hook, but if you only want the return value then just place a hook at the end of the function and read eax ( or setup the registers so eax has the return value, as it should, but maybe the bytes were overwritten ).
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