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Mar 21, 2013
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So i was part of a hacking community for Private hacks and have been interested in creating hacks for myself and others to enjoy. im sure the story is the same for alot of you but with zero coding knowledge and no real place to start i was lost :(

Very fortunately i was looking on youtube for simple C++ guides and i came across fleep's Youtube Videos! i was very impressed with the amount of effort and detail that had gone into the tutorials and decided to work hard and study what he was trying to show us.

I have a better understanding of C++ now and although im still very much learning i am confident i am on the right track. If there is anything i can help with my main skill sets are in photoshop and other such things.

Thanks for reading!


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Oct 29, 2012
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Welcome to the forums. I've been thinking about creating some graphics for future trainers, but I'm not the best at graphics. If you're willing to help with some in the future it would be greatly appreciated and I would be willing to return the favor with coding assistance or reversing. Look forward to seeing you around the forums.
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