Intro Hi I'm a cum dumpster

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Apr 4, 2015
I have not introduced myself yet and some might have seen me and some might not. I am fairly new to programming and game hacking.
i do like to mix music that's one of my hobbies that i have. And i do love gaming and i have always tried to be the best at what i do and if i cant i will get angry :)
It took me several computer screens to get to global in CSGO hahhaha :) a lot of trashy keyboards and 3 logitech hyperion fury g402s HAHHAHA
i do like to play guitar and i do love to workout. And what i don't like is stupid people. I have and i will continue to drain this place of information and i might add some more to it ;)
And i relay appreciate to be around intelligent people here at GH.. and excuse my English and spelling some times :) i do have some issues with letters LOL.

Here's a picture of me paddling the kayak

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