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Aug 27, 2015
Hello all,

I'm 26 years old, graduated in computer science, but never really paid much attention to the university class due the boring programs that the teacher usually ask. In this times, I was not able to link the exercices with the practice.

However, I started to programming a little bit in a bot software for Ragnarok Online called OpenKore. After some time, I started to develop some scripts in AutoHotKey for Ragnarok Also. After that, when I started my career, I started to learn some VBA and developed a lot of scripts to facilitate my job, such as automated tasks in Internet Explorer/PowerPoint/Excel.

Currently I'm studying Information Security area, focus on Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking, and at this point, I started to learn about DLL Injection and I found Fleep video's related to DLL injection in c++. I decided to download Microsoft Visual Studio and start to learn some c++. Even if my focus is not on game hacking at this moment, I still see this as a possibility to learn. I'm still a gamer :)

By the way, I must admit that I'm having some difficults (let's see if i will be able to finalize the dll injection). Anyway, sorry about my English, since it's not my native language.

See you guys.


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Oct 29, 2012
Welcome to this great community. Now get your learning on!!
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