Intro Hey, I am (kinda) new here :)

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May 18, 2020
How long you been coding/hacking?
Been coding since 4years now (mostly web-dev, half a year of C++)
How did you find GH?
Found it back then through a YouTube video
Hello everybody,

My name is Noah and I already started my journey on this forum a few years ago.
Back then, when I first came to this site I just wanted to get a cheat as fast as possible and didnt really want to put the effort in learning all the important things u need to be successfull.
As you guys can imagine I failed and soon lost the motivation to continue. A few years passed and after some time I got more and more intereseted in programming.
I now work as a software engineer and developed a joy for coding.
Due to COVID-19 I got a ton of freetime and so I thought to myselft that it would be fun to get started with game hacking again.
And now here I am, having a shit ton of fun learning new things and revers engineering games.
I really do appreciate the fact that this forum makes information about this topic so accessible and good to learn.
Hope to see you guys soon.
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