Hey guys :)

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Jul 18, 2012
I've been posting around these forums for the last few days so I figured I'd do a quick introduction. :D

I'm Crazywink! Retarded name that I made when I was 8 and it's just stuck all of these years...

I'm 16 years old and from the US.
I currently am training to be a MMA fighter, I've got a year and a half more until I can do competitions.. And I own my owner MMA website,
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I've been intro hacking and programming for about... 6 or 7 years.. I've never gone super in depth, but been scratching the surface for that long..
I ventured into hacking back in 2004/2005 with my Xbox and Halo 2, creating Mods and all that great stuff.
I miss those days... Where security was pretty much shit.. Lol, I mean.. The Xbox was a DVD Drive and a Hard drive... With pretty much no security. XD
Nowadays Anti-cheat software is the biggest pain in the ass. :p

Anyways! I hope to be on these forums for a long time.. Helping others as well as learning.

Big shout out to the owner, Fleep. I'd stopped with my hacking and he made me want to further my development, so thanks! :)


Kim Kong Trasher
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Jul 19, 2012
Mankei Iland
Hey, nice to have you here.

That site looks great by the way :) Did you use Joomla CMS?

Hope you have fun around here
May 20, 2012
Hey crazywink, Welcome and i agree with c5, your site looks pretty good.

Good luck with MMA and great to know I've been able to help, I hope you do well in hacking.