Solved Heroes & Generals | How to get the (enemies) x,y,z coordinates?

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Jul 27, 2013
Good day everyone,

well i'm currently in the learning process.

I'm currently at a point of offset finding where i'm kind of stuck.

I got essential hero (own) iinformation like life, ammo, x, y, z, even the count of (opposite) players.

The game itself is a FPS, maximum of 18vs18 players. Multiplayer only.
Part of it is coded in action flash and is browser controlled, the other one is a classic installed *.exe application with modules like player.dll, global.dll, etc.
But while trying to get the x,y,z coordinates of a specific enemy ingame, it always occurs that after player q has been killed the x,y,z of player q are beeing written to another offset.

I saw on the forum the aproach to loop through the memory according the amount of players on the opposite team, (!) but i have really no clue how to start myself now.

So my question is basicly for a hint, what would be the best next step to do. Or maybe there is already a tutorial for my question?
I guess i have to find somehow the "start" point of where all the enemies data is stored?

The current language of choice for this mini project (going to be kind of private wallhack) is C#.
If needed i can provide source code, but it's rly hackish currently and in addition i think it'll not help in relation to the question.
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Jan 21, 2014
Scan for float, unknown value
go up, scan increased
go down, scan decreased
This gives you the Z coordinate. Subtract 0x8 to get the address of the X of the vec3 position variable


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Jul 27, 2013
Yeah well i'm currently not even on the point, if i understand the effect of vertex shaders correctly? :)

Just need to find a way to generate always correct enemy coordinates. Esp since this game is currently open beta and i guess a lot of updates could rush in from the developers side.
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Mar 14, 2013
isnt it just a standard vector? When someone die, then one element is erased and after respawn he is at another memory region but its still accesible through this vector if u mean this
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