Help with nospread !

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Apr 19, 2013
Give me the true direction please!
I found the offset spread! What do I do now to make no spread for css ? :confused:

.text:101C9614 mov eax, [edx+5C4h] ; SPREAD 
.text:101C961A push ecx
.text:101C961B mov ecx, esi
.text:101C961D fstp [esp+44h+var_44]
.text:101C9620 movss [ebp+var_20], xmm0
.text:101C9625 call eax
.text:101C9627 mov edx, [esi]
.text:101C9629 mov eax, [edx+5C0h]          ;GetInaccuracy
.text:101C962F push ecx ; float
.text:101C9630 mov ecx, esi
.text:101C9632 fstp [esp+44h+var_44]
.text:101C9635 call eax
.text:101C9637 mov edx, [esi]
.text:101C9639 mov eax, [edx+594h]           ;Weapons ID
.text:101C963F push ecx ; float
.text:101C9640 fstp [esp+48h+var_48]
.text:101C9643 and ebx, 0FFh
.text:101C9649 push ebx ; float
.text:101C964A push 0 ; int
.text:101C964C mov ecx, esi
.text:101C964E call eax
.text:101C9650 mov edx, [edi]
.text:101C9652 mov edx, [edx+380h]
.text:101C9658 push eax ; int
.text:101C9659 lea ecx, [ebp+var_28]
.text:101C965C push ecx ; int
.text:101C965D lea eax, [ebp+var_34]
.text:101C9660 push eax ; int
.text:101C9661 mov ecx, edi
.text:101C9663 call edx
.text:101C9665 lea ecx, [edi+8]
.text:101C9668 push eax ; int
.text:101C9669 mov eax, [ecx]
.text:101C966B mov edx, [eax+24h]
.text:101C966E call edx
.text:101C9670 push eax ; int
.text:101C9671 call sub_101995A0
.text:101C9676 add esp, 24h
.text:101C9679 mov ecx, esi
.text:101C967B call sub_101C59D0
.text:101C9680 movss xmm0, dword ptr [eax+898h]
.text:101C9688 mov eax, off_1050F90C
.text:101C968D addss xmm0, dword ptr [eax+0Ch]
.text:101C9692 mov ecx, [esi+86Ch]
.text:101C9698 movss [ebp+var_4], xmm0
.text:101C969D pop ebx
.text:101C969E cmp ecx, [ebp+var_4]
.text:101C96A1 jz short loc_101C96AB
.text:101C96A3 movss dword ptr [esi+86Ch], xmm0
.text:101C96AB loc_101C96AB: ; CODE XREF: sub_101C9470+231j
.text:101C96AB mov edx, [esi+868h]
.text:101C96B1 cmp edx, [esi+86Ch]
.text:101C96B7 jz short loc_101C96C5
.text:101C96B9 fld dword ptr [esi+86Ch]
.text:101C96BF fstp dword ptr [esi+868h]
.text:101C96C5 loc_101C96C5: ; CODE XREF: sub_101C9470+247j
.text:101C96C5 cmp dword ptr [esi+8ACh], 0
.text:101C96CC jnz short loc_101C96F6
.text:101C96CE mov eax, [esi]
.text:101C96D0 mov edx, [eax+4DCh]
.text:101C96D6 mov ecx, esi
.text:101C96D8 call edx
.text:101C96DA push eax
.text:101C96DB mov ecx, edi
.text:101C96DD call sub_10012490
.text:101C96E2 test eax, eax
.text:101C96E4 jg short loc_101C96F6
.text:101C96E6 push 0
.text:101C96E8 push 0
.text:101C96EA push offset aHev_amo0 ; "!HEV_AMO0"
Dec 27, 2012
I guess is getinaccuracy then .

mov eax, [edx+0x5c0] .edx+ 0x5c0 is the function of no spread which they will call later on
push ecx ;
mov ecx,esi
fstp [esp+44h+var_44]
call eax . < try nopping this call.
Sep 3, 2012
Nah, the only thing you'll get with nopping the call is a vac ban.
Look into FireBullets how the Engine is calculating the complete spread (ofc it uses GetInAccuracy + GetSpread), you can then use your viewangles to apply nospread then.
hint: you'll need the command number (or the random seed which is calculated by the command number).
Mar 14, 2013
there is tutorial "how to hack any game" where fleep found a shooting routiny and triend noping calls and MOVs, thats what you should try