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Aug 4, 2017
I don't know, this page doesn't help me, or i don't find it yet. Im really looking for undetected Cheat engine to hack AK2 online(best fps game in ASEAN), but no one can help. :( Could you make a tutorial about how to bypass this game? Could u spend a little time on it? This game is really fun for hacking ..... ! :megusta:

This is game link :

Video from a guy who can hack this game, but he won't tell anyone how to hack this game. :(
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Jan 21, 2014
phanitmeaz noone is going to help you bypass this anticheat, if you have specific questions about detection methods you have reverse engineering from their anti-cheat then someone can help. But "how to bypass" isn't going to get you any help. There is some various info about anti-cheat here. Basically if you want to bypass it yourself, you will need years of experience and need to understand "anti-debug" concepts


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Dec 8, 2016
Hi, please take a look at the rules before posting.

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If the game is so easy to hack why won't you hack it yourself? It looks pretty shitty and like doesn't have a anticheat you can just do whatever you want with it.
Try looking at some Reverse Engineering tutorials from Guidedhacking youtube channel and learning how to use Cheat engine.
Don't ask for anyone to hack the game for you without you even trying.

Cheat engine tutorials
Reverse engineering tutorials


Aug 4, 2017
Im not a noop in scanning code address. At least, I know how to snan pointer, what is offset, what is address and also know a little technique to scan fun address to hack game. I also be able to make a trainer via c++. But i have only one problem. That's bypassing anticheat on that game. It's very fucking hard. And the reason I asked like that because I really didn't find any tutorials how to bypass that anti cheat affectively. That anti cheat is called (apex protection). You can download at : and teat it. Sorry for my English .....
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