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Jul 9, 2017
I tried to search with cheat engine method to turn on the esp mode in expert mode fly.
Because esp is easy And I would like to use it on hard mode. Any attempt to change anything by the cheat engine ends with a crash game. :( Maybe I'm getting to this from the wrong side. I'm looking for a 4 bit address. I looking for this:

Same ammo. When I change the value, everything looks ok, but when it shoots, it goes down to 0 Even if the value is frozen.
Did someone try to do something with this game? This is a challenge.:bicepleft:


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Aug 20, 2013
you probably just freezed the visual value from the ammo. always try to find out the instruction which writes to this adress and try to NOP it - often you will also find a sub instruction on top which u can NOP or change it into an add.
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