Solved HELP How do i use another persons source code to hack?

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Jul 6, 2013
You will need to learn the program language first, i recommend grabbing a book.


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Aug 19, 2012
WTF what should this be, ppl come here and ask ssly howto use another source code and they arent even known in c++
or any useable coding language for that LOL ! *yell* what should this be, why does every child wants to be a hacker :lol:
no comment to this theme anymore, my head hurts if I see such~ :facepalm:


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Oct 14, 2012
What I did was watching Fleeps tutorials on "How to hack any game C++" because they give you quite a good introduction to hacking and coding combined. Basically you should watch every tutorial of him which will be essential for game hacking, like how to find static pointers..

That way you'll pretty much learn what gamehacking's about and how to code your own -basic- hacks. I have never ever watched at any other hacker's code and adapted it, except Fleep's because what he does in his tutorials is showing you how to get the addresses and what all these codes he uses, actually do. I think it's not so smart just to watch at source codes which you can't even understand the syntax of the programming language of.

But that's just what I did, feel free to do whatever you want :)
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