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Oct 14, 2019
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Scan BaseAddress
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1 month
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I'm finding Base Address of character on this Game. But I saw it have three value. ( edx+ecx+00001058 ).

And this is my code

And this is my result.

I use calculator to sum it and the value show correct. But I CE to offset it. It show error
Anyone can tell me know where is my wrong?

Thanks all.



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Oct 31, 2013
Two things in that screenshot confuse me.

1. You also have that access has a count of 23828 mov, ecx, [edi + 00001058]. This one is simpler. Have you tried figuring out what EDI is? maybe its static or easy to find.

2. The square brackets "[ ]" mean dereference memory. So when you have [edx + ecx + 00001048]. There are two things happening. First all the values are added and after than its dereferenced once. The address you are manually adding do your cheat engine is dereferenced 4 times. Every "add offset" aka pointer level means you dereference memory once. Something surely doesn't line up there :)
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