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Feb 19, 2013
I learned C programming book.

But I want to make:

I am learning fast because I want to learn till I go to school and know much more.

Thank you!

P"S:I try to make some programs but I can't...:(
Edit2:What you offer me to do?


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Aug 19, 2012
To get into coding, write any complex prog which is pretty structured and uses classes & abstractions (c++/c#)
My first prog as I was 14 was my InfinityPlayer, which streams music from my VServer and is playlistable, radioable etc

Chuck E

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Jan 2, 2013
Is your issue/problem that you cannot make any program or just hacking programs ?

I presume hacking programs.

Do as guyishay advises. Nice and simple to start with. Then be sure to do as GAF0666 says, as good programming practice will help you and others who need to read your code.

Check out Fleep's guides/vids, especially the intro ones like How To Hack Any Game:

Check the difficulty rating of the video tutorials. They go from 1 (easy) to 10 (difficult).

Study the code, and figure out what each part is doing.

Play with the code, changing things to see what happens.

Think about what you would like the code to do: change the health total, change the ammo amount, etc.

Then figure out:
How to locate the address that holds the data you wish to hack, via Cheat Engine
How to add the address to the hack (in a variable)
How to read/write to the address to acquire/change the value it holds

All of this is in the videos, so play and replay these parts.

Experiment - change code, think of things to do, attempt to do them, find out how to do them - Have Fun

At some point it will all fall into place :D Light bulb situation :)
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