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Feb 16, 2013
There is a person on you tube that goes by the name DarkByte .
He posted a video of a simple read write console hack .
The code works great but uses a dynamic address .
I would like to know how i could use a static address and or aob instead . ( prefer at this time the pointer and offsets )

        DWORD addr = 0x01148BE3; // his uses a dynamic address here 
        DWORD offsets[] =  { 0x230, 0x40C, 0x779 }; // I would like to know how to use offsets with a static pointer address 
         HWND hWcs = FindWindow(NULL, "The Game ");
         Cmem csmem(hWcs);
         cout << "Your Money: " << ) << endl;
         cout << "Write To Money : ";
         int val;
         cin >> val;
         cout << "Writing Result's :" << csmem.write(addr,val)  << endl;
         return 0;
I added the offsets to his code, is there a way to use his code but with offsets ? I have fleeps console hacks source but it does not work in the game I am trying it on . This code however does work with the dynamic address . So I am hoping it can changed to use offsets .
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