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Feb 17, 2015
Hey everybody,

I'm Zacke, a 25 year old guy from Sweden who's almost finnished with my bachelor of nautical science after three years at university. Always been interested in programming and did some two courses of VB programming in high school. After that I started working as a sailor and the time, unfortunately, wasn't enough.

Since then I've been keeping up with some PHP and other fun stuff but finally decided to learn some c++ aswell. Been lurking here and on other forums for a few weeks. Been analyzing some scource code and tried to come up with new things to do, followed the tutorials and applied them to other games. It's fun to learn something new again. Also took the opportunity to get into a c++ course this fall, nothing serious, just something to pass my spare time. I think reverse engineering and creating hacks is a fun and rewarding way to learn how to code, which is why I've chosen it as my main way of learning.

Hope I'll see you all around here, I might not write alot of topics or answers but I'll be lurking.

Any questions or if you're interested in a free trip across the Atlantic ocean, let me know ;)


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May 25, 2013
Welcome imbarawr,

nice to see you in our community! Best of luck and don't be too shy to ask any question in our forum! :)
I might catch up on your offer, some day. I am pretty interested in crossing the Atlantic ocean :cri:!


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Oct 14, 2012
Welcome aboard, nice to have you here.
Any questions, feel free to ask:)


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Mar 6, 2013
Guidedhacking boat cruise anyone? Welcome aboard mate.
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