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scared of variadic functions
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Jan 9, 2015
Hey. I'm CreepSore. 15 year old.
Fell in love with computers about 8 years ago.
Started GameHacking 2 years ago.

Languages:, C#, Java, LUA, php

C++ (more than basics)

I'm a pretty fast learner. If there is something that i want to learn, I usually am able to do the basics of it in 7-14 days. Sometimes even less, if I already had something familiar.


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Dec 13, 2013
you got something wrong there rake...
i guess we need to do the german lesson again next time :D


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May 19, 2013
Was geht. This forum is english only though.
Welcome aboard CreepSore, have fun and enjoy your stay!

This is your take-off!
Stay motivated and eager to learn and you WILL achieve what you are looking for!

Start your journey
  1. Rules of the forum - Do not skip this
  2. The road to hacking 1
  3. The road to hacking 2
  4. Check out all the awesome video and text based tutorials we piled up over time!
  5. If you need information on a specific game, check out the according forum section.
  6. If you still have a question make sure to use the forum search first, to avoid asking the same question twice.
  7. Further reading (everything else)

When it comes to posing questions
  1. Solving coding problems
  2. Asking good questions
  3. Aimbot and ESP related questions

That's it from my side for now, I wish you best of luck and much fun getting into game hacking!


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Jan 21, 2014
you got something wrong there rake...
i guess we need to do the german lesson again next time :D
I learned german in china, maybe that was the problem :lol:
Attention! Before you post:

Read the How to Ask Questions Guide
99% of questions are answered in the Beginner's Guide, do it before asking a question.

No Hack Requests. Post in the correct section.  Search the forum first. Read the rules.

How to make a good post:

  • Fill out the form correctly
  • Tell us the game name & coding language
  • Post everything we need to know to help you
  • Ask specific questions, be descriptive
  • Post errors, line numbers & screenshots
  • Post code snippets using code tags
  • If it's a large project, zip it up and attach it

If you do not comply, your post may be deleted.  We want to help, please make a good post and we will do our best to help you.

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