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Jul 28, 2020
How long you been coding/hacking?
~12 years
How did you find GH?
I've been programming for most of my life but my experience has mostly been between application development and full stack over the years. Learning about game hacking has become a hobby of mine recently (couldn't have done it without this site!) and many aspects of it are still very unfamiliar. I'm hoping to continue exploring it and using the resources here! I haven't done a whole lot with it yet, but so far I've done trainers for Left 4 Dead 2, Orcs Must Die 2, Earth Defense Force 5, Assault Cube, Ravenfield, Star Wars BF 2, and a few others. Hoping to start trying out OpenGL / DirectX soon, so wish me luck!


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Jan 21, 2014
Welcome! OpenGL is really cool but you will save time if you go straight to D3D. You can still do my tutorials to learn but you may not want to spend 2 months learning OpenGL like myself and others have.
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