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Dec 20, 2016

I'm curious about hacking a pinball flash game in browsers (Chrome, IE or Firefox) I play pinball for fun and would like to increase my score. I also recently picked up on CE. I'm getting the hang of things however, I can't seem to grasp pinball flash games. I read on multiple forums pinball flash games are difficult to hack.

However the game I play 7up pinball and pepsi max pinball are flash games very similar automatic 100,000 then it goes up by 125, 150, 175 when it hits targets in the game. Loops are 1 mill 2x, 4x etc. when thr ball goes through multiple loops in the game. I put the value in CE and scan it and I have searched for the address and looked into pointer scanner if I had to do more. I still cannot change my score. Pinball seems basic to hack in CE but I can't do it for some reason. Is CE the right software to hack these type of games? Should I look elsewhere like IDA (Its a bit too complicated for me)?

Any help or suggestions? I followed the CE tutorial and reviewed steps still I can't change my score.

7up pinball:

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