Hack Purchase? >_>;

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Mar 13, 2013
The game is S4 League. The US/EU version. It's free to play.
I'm not entirely sure on a price as I don't know what these type of things usually cost so a quote of some kind would be appreciated. You'd be dealing with Xtrap and Hackshield, but that appears to be rather easy to get past. The game is usually flooded with cheaters running around using god mode and 1 hit kill, but i'd much rather prefer an aimbot.
Feb 22, 2013
The Internet
Personally, this is just me, if you can get past paying for hacks then do it. I have never nor will I purchase a hack, I would rather make my own and or find a free one; to me paying for a cheat is rather stupid.

However I understand it gives the creators income and you happiness for a time, but to me if I wanted to waste money, I would purchase junk food or something along those lines.

I haven't played S4 before so I don't know the game that well nor do I know the ways around the games hack shield; but you said it's filled with cheaters, so it must not be that hard.

Crypt offered you a rather fair price though, some of the prices I have seen around the web are extreme and yet people buy them.

Anyways, thank Crypt because he saved you some money in the long run.