Solved Grand Theft Auto V, Finding "GTA5.exe" Base Address

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May 29, 2016
Currently I have the addresses I need in cheat engine which are these:

And in cheat engine it all works fine and I can restart the game while still keeping all pointers correct and the addresses still doing what they should, but I have been trying to find the base address for "GTA5.exe" because then in code it will work fine and not just cheat engine.

I've tried by using the method posted on this forum also by trying my own ways using the HWND and ProcessID etc but still no luck as it gives me this value: 2415853568
but on cheat engine currently "GTA5.exe" = 9460301

(Both in decimal)

So basically I need some help finding the base address for GTA5.exe, I've done it before with .dll files but for some reason exe files aren't working properly for me..

Thanks in advance


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Jun 25, 2014
use the toolhelp32 library.
or if internal use getmodulehandle.
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