Solved Good resources to learn about the WinApi?

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Mar 25, 2018
How long you been coding/hacking?
1 year
Does anyone have any resources other than the msdn archive for learning how to use the Windows api?
I was just browsing the msdn website just looking over various functions for getting into memory and editing it, Memory Management Functions - Win32 apps
and I don't really like the "feel" of it. It's like trying to look through a dictionary which doesn't seem very time efficient if you're not 100% sure what function you need or are looking for. Plus not every single function is explained in that one. For instance I know "WriteProcessMemory" is a function very commonly used, but I had to already know it existed before finding it, and to find it I had to look in the left column and scroll through the functions (Or just CTRL+F).

I'm going through learncpp and other various C++ tutorials to go over the basics of C++ and different programming concepts. The next thing I'll probably need to do is start learning the Windows API which is what I'll primarily be using for game hacking which is why I'm asking for more resources on it.



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Jan 21, 2014
No one has replied because there isn't any resource, MSDN is the resource you're looking for. It's in reference format for a reason, you probably will only ever use 5-15% of the functions, a tutorial that taught you all 10,000 functions would be retarded

You don't need to learn them unless you need them. Normal reality: you want to do something, you google how to do it, someone tells you what API to use, you search github for the API to see how it's used in practice and you use MSDN as reference.

Your goal should not be to learn every API, it should be "learn the functions necessary for the task I want to accomplish" and as your programming career continues, you will slowly build up your knowledge of the functions.


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Mar 25, 2018
Just would like to add on, I'm also looking for resources not just on the Windows API, but other API's deal with memory management in general like winternl, psapi, tlhelp32, etc.
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