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Oct 30, 2013
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So i'm making this strafe hack for gmod, i've found most of what i need. (+moveleft, +moveright) addresses.

(If you dont know what strafe hack is, its where if you press a button it checks ur current mouse pos and if ur mouse moves left it holds A and if it moves right it holds D to gain speed.)

So ye, i got most of the hack down, but all i need is to check mousepos,
like do i read memory from m_angRotation to check for current mouse pos then save it into a float ?? and when button press i save it again into another float. ?? Ive already tried something like this, but it failed.


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Jun 19, 2012
if(mousepos.x + 2 < middleOfGame)
   simulate "a" click or write memory.
elseif(mousepos.x - 2 > middleOfGame)
  simulate "d" click or write memory.
That would work, used it lots of times. :)
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