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Hi im Charly!
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Aug 3, 2019
How long you been coding/hacking?
Just starting making sp games trainers
How did you find GH?
Hi people, i been here for like a year now, and this will be my first post. Wierd... But everything should happend at its time.

So this is me...
Im 29 years old from Argentina a country with almost no cyber-laws or security btw.
I like playing games since i was 5 or so.. and start coding at 14.. visual basic then c++.
I used to make crappy keyloggers, rats, joke software, till i got heavily cought by my parents and had to cut it off... Years later i got back on coding doing a Game Developer career at the school where i learned lot of c# unity, unreal, java, and engines in general and how games are made...
By now i can say im better at making indie games than hacking but..
My inner me allways liked to wear black.
So yeah, been watching at Rake on youtube for a long time, until i decided to join the forum. Best choice ever.
He did not just guided me technically but also spiritually... Since i would not made it through here without the motivation and determinations that he inspire (sounds gay and cliche but w/e)

So yeah, im currently doing the main Guide, so far so good, AC was great for learning, then games like nioh, darksouls, dying light. Were good to put all in practice and have more freedom to experiment, the c++ part was the easy one since i been working as a fulltime software dev last couple of years.

Hmmm (thinking about what else i can say about me)

I cheated once when i was a kid in cs 1.5 and cs 1.6. it was ESP but then i kinda left cs and move into wow..
I cheated A LOT on MuOnline when i was a kid and the SQL Injector was popular for editing..
Also cheated at GunZ justo to unlock a good looking suit.
And lately i cheated on League of Legends.. just to prove my friends that cheating is real and to show them that they really should stop being in love with 'prodigy streamers' cause they most likely have cheats under the OBS's layout...

Do i like cheating?
Not really... I used to get bored since the game loses all its difficulty..but its also fun from time to time.
Then why do i want to make cheats?
I think its in my nature.. its like something i allways wanted to learn.
Would be really cool if other people use my cheats some day.
It also to improve my game making knowleadge.
Do i cheat now a days?
Well im.not looking for cheats, im seeking for knowleadge,so now, im not cheating atm, im just spending lots of time with CE on single player game but planning to move into csgo after finish AntiCheat bypass tutorial section, but since im taking this deep and slow, i think ill keep pushing at my actual phase to get the best out of it before moving on

So well.. i think thats all by now..
Hope everyone is doing good and people..listen to what rake says and dont f.. skip tutorials!

I been progressing tons since i read every line and take time to practice than the first time i came in here and tryed to rush videos.
Theres really no light at the end of the tunnel, so enjoy the trip thats all that matters!



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Jan 25, 2021
Welcome to GH!! I'm glad to see another south american here (I'm from Brazil btw. Pelé > Maradona hahaha).
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