Guide GHB3 - Intermediate Guide to Game Hacking

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Jan 21, 2014
So you learned how to use Cheat Engine, Reclass, IDA Pro and how to write external and internal trainers. I also heard you might have learned how to reverse engineer function prototypes and call them too? Well isn't that f*cking dandy. You think you're 1337 now? WRONG.

Before you do this guide, ensure you understand 95% of everything from GHB1 & GHB2

Your skills should be:
  • Cheat Engine Guru
  • Intermediate C# or C++ Coder
  • Intermediate Reverse Engineer
What do you want to do next?

More advanced hacking including ESP, aimbot! This will primarily be a coding section, and less on the reversing side.

This guide will teach you how to:
  • Make basic external and internal hacks
  • bunnyhop, triggerbot, antiflash, recoil control system for CSGO
  • hooking OpenGL SwapBuffers & Direct3D9 EndScene
  • The basics of making an SDK for CSGO
  • Pattern Scanning
  • How to find the View Matrix
  • How to find & call traceline to detect visible players
  • How to make an ESP
*Want to learn Game Hacking from a real BOOK? ->> Community - Game Hacking Fundamentals - The Game Hacking Book

The Intermediate Guide to Game Hacking will be a bit disjointed compared to our other guides, because from this point you have many directions you can go in. This guide is structured from easy to more difficult, just follow it step by step and you will slowly increase your knowledge and skills.

As always it is extremely important, you can't just watch the videos, you need to get practice and experience actually doing it yourself. After each video, practice what you learned.

So now it's time to actually make game hacks
  1. Video Tutorial - C++ CSGO Bunnyhop / bhop Tutorial Part1 External
  2. Video Tutorial - C++ CSGO Bunnyhop Tutorial Part2 Internal
  3. Video Tutorial - C++ CSGO BunnyHop - dwForceJump & m_fFlags Explained
  4. Video Tutorial - CSGO External bSpotted 2D Radar Hack Tutorial
  5. Video Tutorial - C++ External CSGO Anti Flash Tutorial
  6. Video Tutorial - C++ CSGO Triggerbot Tutorial External Parts 1-2-3
  7. Video Tutorial - C++ CSGO RCS Hack Tutorial - Recoil Control System
  8. Video Tutorial - Reverse Engineering - How To Find the CSGO Entity List
  9. Video Tutorial - CSGO Aimbot Tutorial + CalcAngle Explained in Detail
  10. Video Tutorial - C++ External Signature Scanning - Pattern Scanning Tutorial
  11. Video Tutorial - x86 Trampoline Hook Source Code SwapBuffers Hook
  12. Video Tutorial - OpenGL Hooking, Drawing & Text Rendering Tutorial
  13. Video Tutorial - How to make an OpenGL ESP Tutorial
  14. Video Tutorial - CSGO CreateInterface Tutorial - How to get Interfaces
  15. Video Tutorial - How to Find dwGetAllClasses & Netvar Manager
  16. Video Tutorial - How To Find the View Matrix Offset
  17. Video Tutorial - CSGO How to Find the ViewMatrix Offset - dwViewMatrix
  18. Video Tutorial - CSGO Direct3D9 EndScene Hook & D3D9 ESP Tutorial Series
  19. Video Tutorial - CSGO How to Find TraceRay - Call Traceline Tutorial
  20. Video Tutorial - Skyrim Hack Tutorial Series - ESP, EntityList & NoClip Cheats

Advanced Windows Stuff
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