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Jan 21, 2014

Want to learn game hacking? Great, you're in the right place. GH is the absolute best place to learn game hacking. We have more resources, that are better organized and cater especially to beginners. We go in depth and explain every piece of the game hacking puzzle. 7 years of work have gone into providing you the absolute best learning experience.

Our huge game hacking course, named the Game Hacking Bible has 4 books:
  1. Guide - GHB1 - Start Here Beginner Guide to Game Hacking
  2. Guide - GHB2 - Beginners Guide To Reverse Engineering
  3. Guide - GHB3 - Intermediate Guide to Game Hacking
  4. Guide - GHB4 - Anti-Debug, AntiCheat & Kernel Mode
But there is something really important that you must understand before you get started:

Game hacking is not for lazy, stupid or immature people.

Everything you need to get started is right here!

But please do not be naive and think you can hack games in a few hours or download a source code and be hacking a game a few hours later. Please read this guide and trust me, I have 7 years experience running this forum and helping thousands of people. If you're not committed to learning, you will fail. Do not waste your time, or ours.

If you are not interesting in spending days/weeks coding, reverse engineering and debugging then game hacking is not for you.

The biggest problem we see is people focusing on the result (the hack) and not the journey (learning). It's a good life lesson in general, if you focus on the journey the result will come, and often times the reward is less sweet without the pain and suffering of the journey ;)


Do not try to learn to hack on a complicated game, use something easy such as Assault Cube, CSGO or COD4. If you do a complicated game you won't learn or accomplish anything. Once you learn how to hack, you can hack any game you want with extreme ease. But if you attempt to learn how to hack on a game you want to hack on, you will fail. 99% of users fail because they do not take this advice. Hacking new games is 100x harder than hacking simple old games like Assault Cube. Trying to hack a new game with less than 6 months experience is really stupid and a complete waste of time.

Game Hacking Requirements:
  • Intelligence
  • Hard Work & Determination
  • Learning by yourself
  • Lots of time & lots of reading
If you don't meet these requirements, stop here, you're not going to be successful.

Still think you have what it takes? Then please keep reading. The above requirements + this forum are all you need.

Basic Idea:
  • Learn Cheat Engine
  • Learn C++ or C#
  • Watch GH Youtube videos
  • Practice
Basic Timeline for Learning:
Learning Game Hacking is extremely time consuming, you must practice and get experience using each skill for weeks/months at a time.

1 week​
Learn the absolute basics of using Cheat Engine​
2 – 3 weeks​
Learn enough CE to use all it’s features, how to find pointers etc…​
1 month​
Learn C++/C# well enough to make a hello world and know the absolute basics of coding​
3 – 6 months​
Experienced enough to make very basic trainers in C++/C# based on stuff you find in Cheat Engine​
6 – 12 months​
Experienced enough to make hacks without pasting, basic aimbot & ESP​
1 - 1.5 Years​
Intermediate coding/reversing skills to hack any game you want without anticheat​
1.5 - 2 Years​
Start reversing anticheat​

Serious Warning

If you do not follow these steps you will be missing the necessary knowledge and experience to advance to the next level. I am trying to help you, but if you refuse to listen you will be banned.

This forum is a resource for people who are serious about game hacking, if you're not serious we do not want you here. We are not a normal forum, GH is not a toilet for you to shit in.

Before you start:
Guide - How to Solve Problems & Achieve Goals
Guide - Stop Pasting - Focus on the Basics

Legit Step by Step Guide for Beginners:

If you skip any of these tutorials you will be banned. We are not babysitters.

  1. Video Tutorial - Squally CS420 Game Hacking Course
  2. Guide - Game Hacking FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Video Tutorial - Cheat Engine Tutorial Video Guide
  4. Video Tutorial - How To Hack Any Game - Cheat Engine
  5. Tutorial - How to Find Position Coordinates with Cheat Engine
  6. Tutorial - How to Find View Angles with Cheat Engine
  7. Video Tutorial - Cheat Engine How to Pointer Scan with Pointermaps
  8. Video Tutorial - Game Hacking with Reclass Tutorial Video 1
  9. Learn C++ with Step by Step Guide
  10. Tutorial - Understanding Strings Unicode, TCHAR, MBCS
  11. Tutorial - Get Module Base Address Tutorial dwGetModuleBaseAddress
  12. Source Code - FindDMAAddy - C++ Multilevel Pointer Function
  13. Video Tutorial - How to Hack Any Game Tutorial C++ Trainer #1 - External
  14. Video Tutorial - How to Hack Any Game Tutorial C++ Trainer #2 - External v2
  15. Video Tutorial - How to Hack Any Game Tutorial C++ Trainer #3 - First Internal
  16. Video Tutorial - Simple DLL Injector Source Code
  17. Video Tutorial - How to Debug Your Hack or Aimbot with Visual Studio
  18. Video Tutorial - Game Hacking with Reclass Tutorial Video 2
  19. Video Tutorial - C++ External Detour / Hooking Function Tutorial
  20. WTF are Multi Level Pointers Tutorial - Guided Hacking
  21. Video Tutorial - How to find Entity List Pointer in AC!

Practice Time

Now you have all the skills to make simple trainers. Before you proceed, did you really do every video? Or did you just skim over it? If you aren't actually DOING the tutorials, you're not learning anything. You need to actually do the things in the videos, multiple times and gain experience.

Is there something you don't 100% understand? Go back and figure it out. Don't skip ahead until you're ready. Practice what you learn, add a few features to the trainer, go read through a few tutorials from our list if you get bored: MUST DO GH Tutorials!.

Here's an example of something I made at this stage in my training:

Might not look like much, but I learned a lot. Challenge yourself to use the skills you have already learned to make something new. But don't try to hack some crazy new game, you're not ready for that. After brushing up on your skills and getting some practice it's time to move on to:

GHB2: Beginner's Guide to Reverse Engineering
Guide - GHB2 - Beginners Guide To Reverse Engineering

Our Most Important Video
Our most important video from this guide is this one, it answers 99% of questions that are asked:

Can't find what you need?
@iPower made this great guide to our best content: MUST DO GH Tutorials!

Still need help?
Did you do the entire guide? If you still need help, post a thread but please do not shitpost.

Misc / Resources:
Each game hacking topic has it's own section: Cheat Engine, Aimbot, ESP etc...
Each section of this forum has sticky threads and guides, READ THEM!

Community - Rules of the Forum
Community - Consider donating!
Community - Community FAQ

Two Other "Start Here" guides come after this post:
Solaire's Start Here Thread
Crazywink's Start Here Thread
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Dec 15, 2013
So you want to learn game hacking and hacks with C++, right? Well, you have to start somewhere!

Start by reading a C++ book. This doesn't mean pick up a book, skim through it, then call yourself the best coder in the world because you made a window pop up saying "Hello World!". This means actually read the book. Take notes, and make sure that before you move on to the next section, you fully understand what's being said. This process will take well over a year to get really good at coding. Continue to push the limits of what you know, and learn more while doing so.

If you'd rather, learn through videos, or at your school (if they offer a C++ class). They won't teach you how to hack games but they will teach you programming.

One thing to note, when you venture into the world of game hacking, you'll find out that you have to take control of your learning. You have to go out and grab onto knowledge that lies in the vast ocean of the "Internet". If you want to learn how to make D3D hooks, and things like that, you have to google it. I repeat, Google. Most likely, you'll find a tutorial that explains some things, but doesn't really give a full explanation. Just move on to the next tutorial, and continue to piece together information until you understand the topic enough to do it yourself. This also goes for learning C++. Everything you want to know won't be in that book, or in your video series, or in the classroom (except you can ask your teacher questions regarding the knowledge that you need). If you want to know how to use dynamic memory with classes, then look it up on Google. Or Bing. Or Yahoo. Whatever search engine you use, look it up.

Once you've completed the task of learning C++, which I should mention will never really truly end, learn how to use Cheat Engine to the point where you can find any variable in a game, and locate the player base as well as the entity base. Make sure you know about the different data types, and all of the different ways to search for a variable. Learning how to use Cheat Engine comes mostly from just messing around with it and looking at tutorials. Fleep even has a series of Cheat Engine tutorials. Watch them, and learn!

Once you've got Cheat Engine in your list of deadly hacker weapons, learning the basics of Assembly (You might be wondering why we're going down levels in terms of coding). Assembly is used when you're reversing a game. Every great hacker knows how to reverse a game and change the way it works. Reversing can lead to wonderful things, like the recoil on your gun, to the section of code that determines whether you truly die when your health hits 0. This is where OllyDbg comes in. Learn how to hack games. It's a fantastic tool to use when hacking, and there are numerous plugins to assist you in your quest to hack games. Again, Fleep has a series of OllyDbg tutorials.

Once you've got all of this down and know every feature of Cheat Engine and OllyDbg, you can begin writing hacks in C++. Start by learning the functions ReadProcessMemory, and WriteProcessMemory. They are what allow you to "Read" and "Write" to a games memory. Learn how to create a handle to a game, as well as how to use RPM and WPM. There are tons upon TONS of tutorials around the internet, mainly Fleep's How To Hack videos. Watch them, and learn what he's teaching. Once you can make a simple trainer using RPM and WPM, move on to the next step.

Finally, we've arrived at the best part! Making triggerbots, aimbots, and all of your assorted hacker goodies! There are (once again) tons upon TONS of fantastic tutorials on how to make these (once again, Fleep's videos). You just have to use your brain to apply them to your game. I recommend starting with a triggerbot, as those are fairly easy to make. Aimbots have some math that you have to deal with, and it can get a bit confusing.

So, you've made your aimbot, your triggerbot, your ESP, and all of your other wonderful hacks, and you want to know where to go next. Just use your brain. Your ability to hack will only ever be as good as your imagination. If you have the skill, you can make just about anything you can imagine.

Advanced User Guide:
CSGO Specific Guide:

Good Luck,
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Jul 18, 2012
I'm creating this post because I've noticed that the questions "How do I learn how to hack?" And, "Where do I start when learning how to hack?" have been asked on this forum time and time again.

I'm going to cover to basics of what to do. This will be updated more and more when I have time to update it.

Starting Your Journey : How to Hack Games

Before you should even think about jumping into game hacking, you need to start with a programming language. Knowing a programming language is VITAL. While programming languages aren't used to getting information for the hack (Most of the time..) you will need to know one to create the hack with the information you've retrieved. You need to understand how memory works. How it's stored, how it's called, what types are what, etc. Learning a programming language will teach you this.
I'd suggest learning C++. It is by far the most common language used for creating hacks and is documented very well. Error solutions are quick to find with a Google search.

C++ is a compilation programming language, meaning you write the code into and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and the computer compiles it into something the computer can read. You'll learn all about this when you start learning C++. ;)

Sources of learning C++:
There are tons of resources for C++. Here's just a couple I recommend. is a great reference point for learning new techniques as well as a quick refresher for topics you may have forgotten. I use it from time to time to remember certain syntax.

TheNewBoston is a YouTuber that teacher you how to program in many different languages. Their C++ section has over 200 videos. He starts from the very beginning of C++ up to more advantage usage.

If you're more into sitting down and reading some information, here's some books I would recommend.
Beginning C++ Through Game Programming by Michael Dawson
This book is especially good for learning C++ for game hacking. This way, not only are you learning C++, you're also learning the basics of how games are created.

C++ Primer Plus (6th Edition) (Developer's Library) by Stephen Prata
I read part of the 5th Edition of this book and it was a great resource. Just teaches you C++ in a normal format.

My Recommendation
C++ Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Dirk Henkemans and Mark Lee
This book is also very good, it takes you from the very beginning of C++ to creating your own DirectX Game at the end.
Personally, I think this is your best choice for a book. It takes you through fun C++ lessons where you're creating your own console games, all the way up to creating your own DirectX game, which will be very, very useful when you start getting into more complex hacks.

Working With Memory
Once you have learned the basics (Hopefully more than just the bare minimum..) It's now time to start working with very simple hacks.
To do this we will use Memory Editing software. The most common is Cheat Engine.
Fleep has just posted his How To Use Cheat Engine tutorial video.
How to Use Cheat Engine HD
This is where you'll want to start.
You'll want to keep learning more ways of using Cheat Engine to find your addresses. The Cheat Engine forums has tons of tutorials on it, and also we'll be happy to help you if you post here as well. :)

Applying Our Programming Knowledge
Once you understand how to use Cheat Engine to find address, pointers, Multi-level pointers, etc. We can then start putting that programming knowledge to use.
We'll next move on to Fleep's tutorials.
These group of videos take you through both the Cheat Engine side and the Programming side. If you've taken the time to learn C++ these tutorials should be fairly straight forward to you, and you should start to grasp the concepts and what it takes to make game hacks. If you've decided to skip learning a programming language (C++) and went ahead and copied what Fleep wrote as he wrote it, then you're digging your own grave.

Mess around with that information you've just learned. Start with Assault Cube (The game Fleep used) and then try adapting it to your own games, try modifying the code to make it's appearance and functionality better. Completely understand the source and how it works then we can move on.

Next, we can start looking at using GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces).
For this, we'll watch Fleep's tutorials. Video Tutorial - How to Make a TRAINER C# LEARN TO HACK TUTORIAL DIFFICULTY [1/10]
You might be saying
What the hell! You just had me learn C++ and read all of this and then you tell me to use C#?!
Yup. Before you freak out, C# is very similar to C++. If you know the basics of C++, you'll be able to pick C# like it's nothing. It uses lots of the same syntax, and a lot of it's methods are actually easier than C++.

After this point we can kind of pick and choose what we want to learn and incorporate into our hacks.
If you read the book I suggested (Meaning read it from cover to cover..) then you'll have some experience with DirectX.
If you read that book, I'd suggest now moving into the D3D Menu tutorial. Video Tutorial - C++ How to make a DIRECTX MENU GAME HACK DIFFICULTY [3/10]
You should be very familiar with the syntax DirectX uses, and this menu should be a breeze. If you didn't read that book, odds are you're going to be fairly confused by DirectX syntax.
If you can make the D3D Menu without trouble, then move onto the Chams tutorial Video Tutorial - C++ How to HACK Call of Duty 4 Wall Hack with Chams DirectX DIFFICULTY[6/10]
This uses more D3D functions. Some may be new to you, but you should still understand what they're doing.

And again, at this point, you can pick and choose which tutorials of Fleep's and others that you want to do and see if they're on your level.

If you've made it this far then..
Congratulations! You've made a big leap into the world of hacking! ;D
I'm going to be updating this more with more detail, maybe even in-depth tutorials. But that will be when I have more free time, which won't be any time soon :-\
But I'm going to try my best! :)

And of course, if you have any questions whatsoever, you can post them here and we will try our best to help you! :)

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Jul 19, 2012
Good job crazy :)

Edit: As a reply to vv below, I'll PM them to you then, sooner or later :D
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Jul 18, 2012
Thanks Fleep ;D

And c5, if you would like I can add them directly in to the post and credit you. Or you can post them beneath, totally up to you. :)


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Jul 18, 2012
This is the best game hacking tutorial :) I will be making more for the other sections. :)

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Chuck E

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Jan 2, 2013
Excellent, very useful guide, Crazywink.

Seeing as I am about to venture into DirectX, I'm gonna now take a good look at the recommended book, C++ Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Dirk Henkemans and Mark Lee



Aug 21, 2013
It's great to know where to start and what need to achieve, thanks you very much. I will try to read the book you recommend.


Jun 24, 2015
hello gays
m little stuck around here i do cover --> all tutorial there r 73 on c++.
Beginning C++ Through Game Programming by Michael Dawson
and i also watch memory tutorial---->

so w8 the next step where should i go now....plz give me some links
and i check out these tutorial to but i think to hard for me i didn't get one.

so plz help me lead me


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May 19, 2013
hello gays
m little stuck around here i do cover --> all tutorial there r 73 on c++.
Beginning C++ Through Game Programming by Michael Dawson
and i also watch memory tutorial---->

so w8 the next step where should i go now....plz give me some links
and i check out these tutorial to but i think to hard for me i didn't get one.

so plz help me lead me
Check out my signature.
Also doublecheck your posts for typos next time ;)


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Jan 21, 2014
I forgot what a beautiful post this is, come back solaire! We love your game hacking tutorials
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