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What do you think about this ideia?

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Dank Tier Donator
Jul 22, 2013
Good afternoon everyone,

First of all I come with the best intentions and as the thread prefix says, i'm giving a subject to forward DISCUSSION.
I'm also not saying that GH isn't good, far from that. This forum has teached me SO MANY FUCKING AWSOME STUFF, that I'd be insincere if said that.

As a newbie "hacker" and a computation programming lover, I like digging the net in search of new things, but I also like to find new stuff about old things that I already know. In one of my search episodes I found a very nice forum/yt channel focused on game programming: ChiliTomatoNoodle

That dude makes a very nice workflow to teach the stuff he's proprosed to teach. I'm not talking about the way he speaks or the images he puts in his videos. What I AM talking about is the "course divised by classes" thing. He's divided the course into levels (Begginer, Intermidiate, Advanced, etc..) and inside each level there are the classes, in each class he teaches a specific (or some) topic(s), but not a lot.

The idea is to create a cronological, and very documented, learn path. This learn path would be divided in difficulty and skill, such as begginer, intermediate, advanced or even more divisons. Each division would have it's own videos (all cataloged) with many, many exercises which everyone of them would also have their solution video. This exercises would be different not only in subject, but games as well. What I mean is: the lesson about finding the health and changing it, would have an exercise to do that in AssaultCube, OpenArena, CS and idk, any other types.
This would create a learning path that is totally cataloged, answered and divided for the common needs.

If you've though about that, i'd like to ask if you'll make something like this, and if yes, when?
If you haven't tough about that, i'd like to ask what do you think about this ideia?

PS.: As I said int the begging, i'm a newbie "hacker". This means I will not be the one making all this things. I'm saying this as a GH student, who thinks it can be helpful, not only for me to learn the things i don't know, but also the new ones that can arrive.


Escobar Tier VIP
Dank Tier Donator
Aug 3, 2015
Thing about hacking is it's all about taking what you do know and applying it to get desired results.
Besides, programming is easier to teach in a linear fashion... Teaching game hacking is like trying to teach how to make beats and mix tracks.
Someone can show you how to use a compressor, but it takes practice to use it like a pro. That's all game hacking is, learning how to use the tools at your disposal be it a programming language or a debugger.

Besides, we already have tutorials that are arranged by difficulty and are extremely easy to follow to get you started and familiar with the concepts.


Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
My motivation has always been to provide as many resources to make learning game hacking as easy as possible. Sadly, it doesn't matter how many resources we provide, people either want to learn and get it done or are not motivated enough to get it done. My goal has always been to do what you have described in your post, but I no longer have the time and motivation to do it and in fact, I haven't been game hacking at all lately :( The success of this community can no longer rely on me, it requires the contribution of all of it's members. We have had lots of good activity lately and all we can hope for is that everyone continues to contribute, much luv 2 the GH fam

Also it is very disheartening when you have devoting years of your life to this and people can't devote 5 minutes of their time to simply look at the material you have already posted 15 times. Out of the 65,000 members there have probably been 1,000 who have actually achieved any perceivable level of skill in game hacking. And trust me, it's no fault of lack of information or tutorials. Makes it very hard to stay motivated to help people who are helpless. Shots fired.


Full Member
Jun 1, 2014
Damn, Rake. That stuff hits home. I've been wanting to learn this kind of stuff for awhile, always going on and off with it--Just due to lack of motivation. But this time around I've worked harder than ever. It's frustrating as hell but every now and then I feel like I'm actually learning something for once. The information is everywhere, it's just really hard to apply it and learn it frankly. Maybe this stuff isn't suited for me but I really want to learn and I'm trying at it. So even though I really haven't gained any considerable distance, I'm still trying!


Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
The problems most people face is because they try to learn hacking before coding. Learning coding first is essential
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