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Apr 1, 2016
Hi, My name is Jacob and I just recently joined this awesome forum. I have been learning c++ for awhile and this coming Monday will mark my 7th month of learning it. Recently though, I have been playing a lot of Assault cube. The game was awesome at first, but became really boring after I realized how much people hack in the game. So then I got the idea. Why don't I make a hack for Assault Cube. But..the thing is, I'm not really familiar with Cheat Engine and such so I'm not sure if I would be able to. Long story short, I was wondering if you guys had any input on what my first steps to hacking should be and what topics I should focus on. Primarily, I'm wondering what I should start learning first and how I should go about doing it.



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Jun 25, 2014

Part 2 coming soon :kappa:

But for a more explicit post:

Regarding game hacking at a level where you can develop cheats yourself with minimal/no help.

Learning Assembly ( x86_64 )
Learning about memory and its uses in programming/game hacking/general computer life
Learning a programming language that can make use of direct access to memory (e.g. C#, C++ , some python libs too but lmao, Java too but lmao )

Some other stuff that i forget but people will chime in on
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