Solved Getting "Ghost" players with CS:S Aimbot

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Nov 3, 2013
Hello, I followed Fleep's CS:S aimbot tutorial, and it worked great. My only problem is that sometimes when I kill an enemy a ghost "position" will make me snap to empty air. How can I fix this? (Source supplied)


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Dec 13, 2013
This was already discussed a few times.
You have to check if the player is "dormant"... a bool in the entityPlayerList
If im not wrong it should also be in the radar stuct.
This information says whether to update the playerposition (player is near and you could see him) or not.
The addy should be a few bytes infront of the health or team addy...

Check if he is "dormant" and if he is not you can add him as an active player (to draw or aim at)
OR check if his health is lower than 2, whatever you forgot... :D

hope you find it

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