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Aug 17, 2016
Short ntro : GameRanger is a software that helps to play multiplayer games online

This file is encoded someone coded this dll and you can open multiple room for game servers without installing gameranger just put your info as follow

Add following lines to your server.cfg

set gruserid "123"
set grloginpassword "xxxxxx"
set grRoomDescription "whatever you wish"
set grAllowPublicPlayers "1"
set grAllowNoPb "1"
set groldstyleguids "0"
loadplugin "gameranger"
Now with the help of this dll your room and server will work the login query is below

Connecting to: connect.gameranger.com:16000
Resolved connect.gameranger.com:16000 to:
Hitch warning: 3333 msec frame time
Resolving gameranger.grcod4plugin.ovh
gameranger.grcod4plugin.ovh resolved to
Requesting login data from remote server for GameRanger login...
Requesting login data from remote server for GameRanger login...
Logging in to GameRanger...
Logged in to GameRanger as:
Account ID: 123
Email: abc@gmail.com
Nickname: abc
Sending heartbeat to connect.gameranger.com
GameRanger Plugin: Oversize message: 1819043182 541880178
Attempting to host a room
Room sucessfully opened
First it is sending request to gameranger.grcod4plugin.ovh i don't know what entry resolve but the programmer check your gameranger id for subscription then its allow you
to open room otherwise this dll not work so if someone please resolve this entry and make this directly work i am really thankful

NOTE: here is two file .dll for windows servers and .so for linux and download like below
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