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Jan 21, 2014
Upcoming Game Hacking Course!

We are proud to announce a partnership with @Erarnitox and his upcoming book Game Hacking Fundamentals which should be released sometime next year. Click the watch button on this thread and you will get notified of it's pending release! Until then, you are stuck with the Game Hacking Bible!

This book is 270 pages long and will teach you everything from beginning to end, from using Cheat Engine all the way to making a fully featured aimbot and ESP!

Game Hacking Fundamentals
was created in the same vein as the Game Hacking Bible, it's meant to be one stop shopping for learning how to hack games. Everything you need to learn how to hack games from A to Z is covered in depth. There are so many pitfalls and confusing aspects to learning this craft, the purpose of the book is to make learning as easy as possible and limit much of the frustration that was once common place. Why limit yourself to just one resource when learning? Armed with the our Bible and this new book, your potential is limitless. The GHB is a fantastic digital resource for learning but the Game Hacking Fundamentals book offers you a physical copy which you can read on the bus, at your desk or in bed. Watching hours of videos might not be for you, which is why we highly recommend this book, we do have hundreds of hours of video content after all.

Treat this new game hacking book as a companion guide to the GHB or vice versa. Don't forget, @Erarnitox learned most of what he knows from Guided Hacking, the same things that made GH a successful way to learn, will of course be present in Game Hacking Fundamentals. Writing tutorials from the perspective of someone who just learned how to hack games will no doubt produce the most beginner friendly approach to the topic. Easy to read, relatively simple for a beginners, filled with many tips, tricks & source codes, this book is sure to make your learning progress a breeze. Learning from multiple people such as Erarnitox and myself is a great way to get the full picture. We all have our little idiosyncrasies and biases, by combining the best knowledge and teachings from both of us you are almost guaranteed success.

How is Game Hacking Fundamentals Different than the GHB?
The GHB was developed over the course 5 years and I was still learning throughout it's production, I made tutorials as was needed and I stitched them together the best that I could. I dumbed down a lot of the code to make it as easy as possible to understand and it doesn't represent professional level software development. Don't get me wrong, it's still an amazing game hacking course. The GHB is also 80% videos.

This book was made after Erarnitox had already learned everything and he has a bit more of a professional approach than I do. I consider myself a reverse engineer first, and a developer second. You may prefer my dumbed down code to his, as it might be a bit easier to learn for beginners but his is definitely more professional. The entire course was written from beginning to end in order, so it's a bit more cohesive than the GHB. Game Hacking Fundamentals covers many of the same topics but it also covers Ghidra and explains some concepts related to the linker, Operating System, the stack a bit better than the GHB. My recommendation is to use both and take advantage of both of their strengths.

About the author

If you are not familiar with the author Erarnitox let's get to know him real quick. He's been a GH member for 2.5 years and has earned both Meme Tier and Dank Tier VIP badges, which places him in the top 0.1% of GH members. He's been quite active in the community for the past few years and is the author of several important articles and source codes.

Previous Contributions
While these articles and source codes may not represent his current skill level, they do represent a smart, hard working individual with a passion for game hacking.
If you think these articles and source codes are cool, you will no doubt love his game hacking course. There has never been a better time to learn than 2020, thanks to all the hard working people that put together high quality content like him.

Here's some snippets from the game hacking book to give you an idea of what's to come!




Linker Description


Assembly Chapter

Ghidra Tutorial

Table of Content
  • Introduction to Game Hacking Basics
    • Program Execution Basics
    • Memory Scanning
      • Setting up Cheat Engine
      • Scanning Basics
    • Memory Editing Basics
    • Introduction to the Hexadecimal number system
      • Why Hexadecimal
      • From decimal to hexadecimal and back
    • Intermediate Scanning
      • Finding Common Data Types and Sizes
      • Finding Unknown values
      • Finding float values
      • Dissect Data/Structures
      • Basics of Finding and Editing Code
    • More on Memory
      • Introduction to Static Memory in C++
      • Introduction to Dynamic Memory in C++
      • Finding Static Pointers
    • Basic Introduction to C++
      • What is C++ and how does it work
      • Basic Language Concepts
    • First Cheat Projects
      • First External Trainer
      • Second External Trainer
      • Going Internal
  • Introduction to Reverse Engineering
    • Introduction to x86 Assembly
      • Registers
      • Memory
      • Instructions
      • Move Data
      • Arithmetics
      • Logical
      • Execution Flow
    • The Stack
      • Stack Frames
      • x64 / 64bit
    • Introduction to GHIDRA
      • Installation
      • First Steps
      • Views
      • Hints
      • Solving the CrackMe.exe
    • Trigger Bot
      • Using Reclass.NET generated Class
      • Finding the Trace Line function
      • Understand the Trace Line function
      • Calling the Trace Line function
      • Shoot automatically
    • No Recoil
    • More Damage
    • Finishing up the Trainer
      • Adding the Triggerbot
      • Adding No Recoil
      • Hooking For Damage
      • Finished Trainer
  • Intermediate Game Hacking
    • Reversing the Multiplayer Player class
    • Making an ESP Hack
      • Trampoline Hook
      • Hooking wglSwapBuffers
      • Drawing
      • Finding the Entity List
      • Finding the World To Screen Matrix
      • Drawing ESP Boxes
    • Making an Aimbot
      • Trigonometry
      • Simple Aimbot
      • Target selection
      • Making it more natural
      • Final ESP + Aimbot
    • Improving the Injector
    • Apply to other Games
      • Using Dear ImGui
      • Universal World to Sceen function
      • Entity List finder
      • Examples
    • Pattern Scanning
  • Advanced Topics
    • Hacking protected Games
      • Basic Anti Debug Techniques
      • Bypass Anti Debug Techniques
      • Basic Anti Cheat Techniques
      • Bypass Basic Anti Cheats
    • Kernel Mode Anti Cheats

I am very excited for this upcoming game hacking book and I hope you are too! This book is going to change the game hacking community in a very positive way, much in the same way the GHB did 5 years ago. Stay tuned for more information. Click the watch button at the top of the thread to get notified of updates!

In the meantime, do the The Game Hacking Bible - Learn How to Hack Games
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Oct 10, 2018
I'm actually very excited for this book. I took some time off learning hacking because I wanted to master programming before hand, but I'm excited to be returning soon hopefully to a book. If you see this @Rake I want to personally thank you for making the process from going to newbie and poor work ethic to hacker easier for everyone. I know it isn't easy and there are some rough times but it's not in vain, because a good amount of people will learn game hacking and reverse engineering. Also congratulations @Erarnitox for the book


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May 2, 2020
Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks lit asf :)


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Mar 25, 2018
It'd be awesome if the GHB videos were linked in conjunction to each topic in the course.
Some questions:
Will there be supplemental material linked after each topic to where you can learn more? i.e blog posts/articles
Will there be various "homework" assignments?
Is this a one-and-done deal, or will there be even more advanced material down the road?


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Mar 10, 2020
v e r y n i c e


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Nov 16, 2020
Looking forward to checking out the book. I find books to be a much better learning resource compared to videos (not to discredit anyone's work!). I'm occupied with the C++ portion of the Bible which should keep me busy for a few months! Thank you for all your hard work, to everyone involved!


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Apr 23, 2020
Looks like its gonna be a great book. I have to check it out once it is released.
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