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Nov 6, 2014
When people talk about game hacking the topic tends to come up. What game engine does the game use. I'd like to know what difference does it make? Isn't it still just a matter of opening up cheat engine finding the pointers and coding away? How do you know what engine a game is using anyways?


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Dec 15, 2013
The engine that a game uses gives a lot of information as to how one can go in and get pointers. With source games, you can go in OllyDbg and grab the offsets from the player base. The cube engine has a really easy to grab player base. Things like that. Usually the engine is put in the credits, or the logo of it may be on the front cover of a game. In Left4Dead, turning on the console window shows that it uses the source engine.

Honestly, it still pretty much is the same "open up cheat engine, get pointers, ???, profit" stuff for most games.
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