Help Fleep c++ Esp Tutorial problem

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Nov 26, 2013
Hey guys, i tried to make a esp flowing the fleep tutorial,
but i have a little problem with the view matrix address, and anti-flick address, i dont understand how to found it please some one can help me :( ?
for real, for the vmatrix, i founded this :

But i dont know what i need to do after
help please :(
Apr 3, 2013
He's trying to find out which one of those addresses is the Field Of View address. He's looking for a float value that he could plug into a pre-made math sequence for world of screen.

I think you have to test each one individually or modify the code temporarily to run through multiple addresses to finish faster.

For the Boolean that returns true if the address for FOV is true you'll probably have to dissect memory and look near by.
Jul 7, 2013
Write in console setang 89 49 0 and scan for value between 0.60-0.90 then setang 0 5 0 and scan for value between 0.01-0.10 test all green addresses.
Dec 9, 2012
Hello guys i dont want create a new thread so i will post it here. At the start i want to say i have done bhop, tiggerbot and aimbot tutorial and after that it's come time to ESP and now i dont know what i do wrong so maybe you can help me abit. I have made a screenshotwith ESP and its lookl like it doasnt see a players but after i kill all enemis its disapearing and show after new round start so it's a bit strange. I searching vMatrix at two diffrent ways one is like fleep showing in tutorial the second one is like cskimmo69 sayid and i tested all green values with engine.dll and always the same bad reults :(

PS. sory for my english i hope you understand what im talking about.

PS.2 I tested it at full source ESP code from fleep with my base, entity and etc from other tuts what i made so they sould be fine.

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