Question Fixing movement after changing angles in usercmd

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Jul 30, 2012
When i change angles in usercmd the player walks the wrong way, which makes 100% sense.
I've been asking lots of people, but i couldn't find anything. Therefore im asking you guys...
How do i calculate the forwardmove and sidemove to be correct after i changed the angles?

Right now this is my code, but it doesnt work.
		//Old angles and movement
		Vector oldviewangles = pCmd->viewangles;
		float oldsidemove = pCmd->sidemove;
		float oldforwardmove = pCmd->forwardmove;
		float oldupmove = pCmd->upmove;

                Vector aimangles = aimat(0.0f,0.0f,0.0f);

                pCmd->viewangles.X = aimangles.X;
		pCmd->viewangles.Y = aimangles.Y;
		pCmd->viewangles.Z = aimangles.Z;

		float delta = pCmd->viewangles.Y - oldviewangles.Y;
		pCmd->forwardmove = (sin(delta * (M_PI / 180.0f)) * oldforwardmove) + (cos(delta* (M_PI / 180.0f)) * oldsidemove);
		pCmd->sidemove = (cos(delta * (M_PI / 180.0f)) * oldforwardmove) - (sin(delta * (M_PI / 180.0f)) * oldsidemove);
All help will be greatly appreciated! :)
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Jul 6, 2013
Hey what game is this.
When i did this I had to make sure the angles dont get too high. Otherwise i also had random behaviour.


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Jul 30, 2012
Isnt it 180 max angle? and -180 min?
for X axis ^
and for Y axis is 89 -89
Fixed that, but it still doesnt work.
PS. 89 isn't the max angle for Y axis, if you go above it just turns the view upside-down. Which is actually perfectly fine. All angles are -180.0f to 180.0f if you go above that they just subtract 360.0f from it. So you basically start at -180.0f again.
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