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Jan 21, 2014
Fistful of Frags is a multiplayer western cowboy themed first person shooter that was originally created as a Half-Life 2 mod but has since been completely redone as a stand alone Source Engine game. It was released on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux on May 9, 2014 and has received updates over the years. It's pretty old at this point, but you will still see ~30 players online at any given time. It's a fairly common game to hack because it's free to play, relatively simple and uses an engine that people have been hacking for years.

Source Engine
Fistful of Frags is a Source Engine game, therefore any tutorials for other Source Engine games will be applicable. Specifically it uses the Source Engine version that Counter-Strike Source uses so you will find the most parallels in that game and Fistful of Frags.

We have a Guide for all Source Engines games here:
Guide - How to Hack Source Engine Games Tutorial

Fistful of Frags SDK
I dumped an SDK for this game last year here -> FoF Dumped SDK

Fistful of Frags Offsets
You can find basically everything you need in the SDK above but we also have a seperate Fistful of Frags offset thread

Here's the entity structure

struct Player_T
    char szPad01[0x20];
    vector m_vecViewOffset;     //0x0020
    char szPad02[0x48];
    __int32 m_iClientId;        //0x0074
    char szPad03[0x30];
    __int32 m_iHealth;          //0x00A8
    unsigned char m_iLifeState; //0x00AC
    char szPad04[0x3];
    __int32 m_iTeam;            //0x00B0
    char szPad05[0x44];
    vector m_vecVelocity;       //0x00F8
    char szPad06[0x160];
    vector m_vecOrigin;         //0x0264
    char szPad07[0x60];
    vector m_angRotation;       //0x02D0
    char szPad08[0x78];
    __int32 m_fFlags;           //0x0354

Fistful of Frags Hacks
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Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
I dumped this SDK using this SDK dumper CallumCVM/ValveGen made by Chod, thank you to him and to @Raylands for introducing it to me


Here's what 1 of it's dumped headers looks like:
// SDK Generated by ValveGen (written by Chod)
// File: CBaseEntity.h

#pragma once

#include "CCollisionProperty.h"

#pragma pack(push,1)
    class CBaseEntity
        int        movetype; // 0x0
        unsigned char _0x4[0x84];
        int        m_nRenderFX; // 0x88
        int        m_clrRender; // 0x8c
        unsigned char _0x90[0x4];
        int        m_flAnimTime; // 0x94
        unsigned char _0x98[0x4];
        int        m_flSimulationTime; // 0x9c
        unsigned char _0xa0[0x8];
        int        m_ubInterpolationFrame; // 0xa8
        int        m_fEffects; // 0xac
        int        m_nRenderMode; // 0xb0
        int        m_nModelIndex; // 0xb4
        int        m_iTeamNum; // 0xb8
        int        m_PredictableID; // 0xbc
        unsigned char _0xc0[0xc2];
        int        m_iParentAttachment; // 0x182
        unsigned char _0x186[0x12];
        int        moveparent; // 0x198
        unsigned char _0x19c[0x8];
        CCollisionProperty    m_Collision; // 0x1a4
        unsigned char _0x218[0x38];
        float      m_flElasticity; // 0x250
        float      m_flShadowCastDistance; // 0x254
        unsigned char _0x258[0xe8];
        vector3    m_vecOrigin; // 0x340
        vector3    m_angRotation; // 0x34c
        unsigned char _0x358[0x4];
        int        m_CollisionGroup; // 0x35c
        unsigned char _0x360[0x170];
        int        m_bIsPlayerSimulated; // 0x4d0
        int        m_bSimulatedEveryTick; // 0x4d1
        int        m_bAnimatedEveryTick; // 0x4d2
        int        m_bAlternateSorting; // 0x4d3
        int        m_iTextureFrameIndex; // 0x4d4
        unsigned char _0x4d8[0x8];
        int        m_hOwnerEntity; // 0x4e0
        int        m_hEffectEntity; // 0x4e4
#pragma pack(pop)
Full SDK in attachment, if you wanna update it just dump it yourself using the repo. If you have trouble with this dumper, go to project properties and set the build type to DLL instead of .exe



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Sep 20, 2019
Good stuff, been thinking about that game for ever, but i stayed away from it because the community is tiny
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