Solved Finding Player and Entity Base Structure

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Sep 25, 2015
Hi everyone, I'm back with yet another question.
I'm looking into creating an aimbot for Unreal Tournament 4 (just for owning bots offline).

I'm attempting to locate the entity base structure but having some issues with it, primarily, just not understanding why I'm not finding it, or if my procedure is not correct (following fleep's tutorial)

Here's what I did so far:

Spawned in a couple bots (3 total bots, 4 total players, including me) and was able to find their x,y,z values and freeze them.
After that, I found their HP values and froze them.
For bot #1, I was able to do a pointer scan and narrow it down to 40 results.
I went and found what wrote to the address where bot #1 hp was currently at (address changes upon death, same for player)
The offset in "what write to this address" matches the last offset in the pointer scan list, that's a good thing right?

Anyway, I went to the first pointer's offset #3 location.
My reasoning: Health is stored at some location. The last offset to it is 5B4 so that must mean the bot's base structure is Health Location minus 5B4. Ok so I opened this in dissect structure in CE and viewed the structure and saw that health value, in the case for Bot #1, "9222," was stored at offset 5B4.
THEN, since THAT bot's base struct was located, I found the pointer pointing to that particular structure (if that makes any sense). Perhaps an image would help the most.
So my reasoning continues that if this particular bot's structure is located in the base 0000 that Bot #2's structure must be an offset from this base of 0000, one of the ones under it. That means it could be 0008, 0010, 0048, 0050, 0080, etc.
But that doesn't seem to be the case when I check.
I expanded all pointers and searched for Bot #2's Health value of "9333"
I did manually check as well, at a few of the expanded pointer sections at offset 5B4 and they simply had values of 0, or some other non applicable number.

So I went on and checked a few more pointers that held Bot #1's HP value (not gonna show them, kind of boring and repetitive). I simply check the ones that had different offset #3 values. It was ones that had a base address coming from the engine dll (not sure if that matters actually).
Now here is where the interesting part comes in. Almost none of them have any mention of pointers that point to a structure with offset 5B4 that contain another bot's HP value. That is true for all except the last three pointers checked in that pointer scan list with offset #3 value being 2F8, 308, and 640.
2F8, 308 and 640 contain a mentioned instance of Bot #2's Health value "9333" but NOT bot #3's health value.
For 2F8 it found the pointer to Bot #2's structure 360 bytes away from the base of Bot #1's!
I searched for Bot #3 health value but it was not found. I tried expanding the "autocreate structure size" to twice the default value, 8192. Still it didn't find anything. I thought maybe another 360 bytes after Bot #2's pointer to base struct might be Bot #3's. That means 0000+0360+0360 = 06C0. But unfortunately that was not the case. 6C0 was not a pointer but some random assigned value.

Similar things happened with the other two pointer offsets as well 308, and 640. It would be some offset from the base 0000 like 0300 or 0018, and I would try to find a multiple of it hoping to find the next bot's structure, but no luck.

I've been at this for many many hours now. Is my procedure for this correct? Is there a more surefire way of finding the base entity structure location to the offset of each bot?
What am I doing wrong? I would be eternally grateful if someone could help me figure this one out.

Please let me know if there is any part of this not understood and I will clarify.


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Sep 25, 2015
Apologies for the double post, but all I'm looking to find is the player structure for this game, if that clears anything up.
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