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Jun 30, 2015
I'm having a problem with finding the base address where ammo is stored, and on top of that it's now crashing when I find what accesses the second address I've gotten.
Here's how I approach it regularly:

I then find out what writes to that address and shoot ingame:

Then I grab the ESI address and do a hex scan for it:

And then I make the first address a pointer using the second address and when I check to see what accesses that address the game crashes.

Other than the crashing, the main problem I have is not being able to find the base address. I've tried it 10+ times now and each time I can never get it and I don't know why.


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Jan 21, 2014
1)I followed your exact instructions but I did not crash, but I also did not get any results. When this happens you have to trace back through the assembly. PointerScan can also do this for you but some people call it cheating(imagine that :p).

I'm using the Assault Rifle.

Tracing back in assembly:

PointerScan for ammo address, I already knew the offset so I didn't have to do much work

2)By searching for that address as a hex value in cheat engine search, you are searching for a pointer. In the game code, there is not a pointer for each weapons ammo. But you can access it using offsets. assault rifle ammo is found by adding 0x148 to the player object.

So here's your pointer you can use in cheat engine:

I also moved your thread to the assault cube section, we have so much information about this game it will make your eyes bleed!

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Mar 6, 2013
Have you tried changing the debugger in cheat engine to VEH?
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