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Oct 5, 2015
Hey guys, I'm trying to find an adress that I can't see his value on screen. In this case i'm making a Plants vs Zombies No cooldown hack and I know there's two ways to make that:

1- Finding the adress of the cooldown value and set it to 0 (I tried to find this adress, wasnt sucessful :c)

2- I watched fleep's videos and he filled a line with NOP's (Assault Cube tutorials) so he removed the time between shot. I undestood what he did, but I can't figure out how to find that line...

I'll be glad if someone can help me with any of these methods :)


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Jan 21, 2014
Pretend you are the developer of Plants vs. Zombies. How would you make this functionality? Create some pseudo code in your head so you know what you're looking for. I don't know anything about the game but lets pretend it's the add new unit cooldown. Inside the function that places a new unit on the screen, you would start a timer that would count down to 0, and you would include a if statement that would check that timer before letting you add a new unit. Each time you tried to place a new unit on the screen it would go through the if statement and check if the timer was 0. If it wasn't zero you won't be allowed to place a new unit. If it is zero you would be allowed to place a new unit. So depending on how the code is written, you could find the timer and set it to zero or you could edit the instruction that checks the timer and just NOP that if statement or change it to always evaluate the way you want. The problem is that you can code this functionality in so many different ways, as you get familiar with how games work this will get easier every time.


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Dec 15, 2013
#1 requires trying out different methods to find an unknown value's address.
#2 requires having found said address (Or any other that may be modified or accessed in the function).

I'd help if I had the game. Afaik @till0sch has experience with it, so hopefully he can help out :)
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