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Apr 23, 2017
will this function I made find the correct pitch and yaw?

void CalcAngles(float*myLoc,float*enemyLoc) {
	//(2,4,3) (-2,8,2)
	float slope = (enemyLoc[1] - myLoc[1]) / (enemyLoc[0] - myLoc[0]);
	float distance = sqrt(pow(float(enemyLoc[1] - myLoc[1]), 2.0f)
		+ pow(float(enemyLoc[0] - myLoc[0]), 2.0f)
		+ pow(float(enemyLoc[2] - myLoc[2]), 2.0f));
	float c = distance;
	float a = c / (sqrt(pow(float(slope), 2.0f) + 1));
	float Pitch = (acos(a / c)) * 180.0f / PI;
	float Yaw = 180 - 90 - Pitch;

	cout <<(float) Pitch << endl;
	cout << (float) Yaw << endl;
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