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Nov 16, 2012
Hello everyone. I have been working on my own external gdi esp after watching some of fleeps videos. I have gotten pretty far and I need to display an esp box on the screen... I've messed around with source from fleeps code but I just keep getting boxes flying all over the place.

I have these values to play with in memory:

- My XYZ coords
- My FOV
- My yaw and pitch
- Enemies XYZ coords

What do I need to write to 'convert' a 3D point in the game to a 2D point on the screen? Do I need to search for more information?
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Oct 29, 2012
you need screen width and screen height, and I might attempt this later tonight or tomorrow if I have time.. Im gonna avoid using any magic Directx "Figure this out for me" functions though If I do ...
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