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Sep 7, 2020
I saw the "10 Bullets Per Shot" function in the table made by the cheat engine. I don't know how to achieve this function, and I haven't found any tutorials in the forum or youtube.
I can only find such function as no spread, no recoil, and rapid fire by searching for "ammo" and "increase, decrease and unchanged".
But I don’t know how to use the "10 Bullets Per Shot" function with cheat engine, I hope you can guide.


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May 9, 2020
I really liked this hack when i was young while playing WarRock FPS , this hack real name is Shotgun Spread or Bullet Spread , really sorry thats all i know about it, never tryed to find this addies ^^


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Oct 31, 2013
English is not my native language. ""03 4C D8 06 B9 B1G PP" is a joke?
I sponsored this site to become a member to get some valuable advice, not to listen to your jokes.
yeah its a joke. I know nothing about the game but you seem to be able to find the shooting function using your method to scan for ammo. Maybe inside the function somewhere the amount of bullets to be fired is set? Probably around the instruction that decreases your ammo. Then you could just increase this.

Also is this feature actually also decreasing 10 ammo per shot? Otherwise it could just be that the damage is increased by a factor of 10 and the feature is just called "10 bullets per shot" because it sounds kewl :)

Also if you you have the CheatEngine table can't just look at what it does?
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Jan 21, 2014
English is not my native language. ""03 4C D8 06 B9 B1G PP" is a joke?
I sponsored this site to become a member to get some valuable advice, not to listen to your jokes.
It wasn't a joke, it was an insult. I was instructing you to search for a Big PP because you are clearly lacking in that department.

Want some valuable advice, here you go:

Right click the cheat table and click "change script".

Was that so hard?

Here's an additional 7 years of advice on how to get a big pp: Guide - GHB0 - Game Hacking Bible Introduction

and I'll leave you one last bit of advice: Learn how to read

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