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Jul 21, 2016
I'll explain as better as I can. Imagine that the game has a place with many bookshelves and every single one is an entity (enemy, ally, yourself). In a library, a bookshelf has indexes, this way ppl can find any book without having to search it, e.g you want "GOT Book 1" and it's in the 42th shelf at 7th index. An entity struct works this way, but sometimes you can have a shelf nested to ohter shelf and so on.

So, the SHELF is your player/enemy/entity BASE ADDRESS (e.g "game.dll"+07563B)
And the INDEX is the OFFSET (e.g health offset is 10)

Now if you add "game.dll" + 07563B + 10 = entity health

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Mar 9, 2017
Adding on to what r4z0r said, one thing to keep in mind is that every book contains the same "type" of information at exactly the same page.

So if the first player is at "game.dll" + 07563B and the offset for health is 10, then "game.dll" + 07563B + 10 = entity health
The next player may be +0x04 so their data will start at "game.dll" + 07563F (3B + 4 = 3F) and that means "game.dll" + 07563F + 10 = entity2 health

Once you've found the structure or layout of 1 entity, you've found the layout for all of them. If health is at +10 for 1 of the enemies, it's a +10 for all the enemies
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