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Apr 30, 2016
Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to figure out the internal workings of Dota 2 in order to create a Bot API for it, in the same style of the BWAPI for Brood War. I already did some simple memory offset trainer:

But now I am looking for other things needed to create a Bot API. Things like the move command for your hero and a list of all units (And their position,hp etc).

Does anybody know if there is more information of the internals of dota 2 out there? So far I only got the SDK generator for Dota 2 : link.


Jun 8, 2015
Hello everyone,
I already did some simple memory offset trainer:link
Well i can pretty much tell you one thing.. if you do this on server, you get vac ban.

If you want dota camera distance hack you can find in client.dll (dont forget there is folder for 32 and 64) 1134 and change the value.. it was many times reported on dota2 dev forum and people use it until now without getting banned. I was using it over 2 years without getting banned.

But now I am looking for other things needed to create a Bot API. Things like the move command for your hero and a list of all units (And their position,hp etc).
Well if you want internal hack calling ingame functions i would probably direct you to google "source engine for noobs" pretty much sure that first or second link will be what you are looking for. I would start with Dota 2 DarkStorm 2014 opensource that is very simple hack with some basic ingame functions.(if i remember well probably hooking painttraverse->drawing, hooking createmove which is outdated need to look for C_DotaPlayer::prepareUnitOrders and most likely entity functions which are definitly outdates, because in source 2 you're getting pointer to entity list a bit differently but still easily, you need to call CSource2Client::EntityInfo() currently index 87 in client.dll -> Source2Client001 which returns pointer to EntitySystem) If you gonna search stuff about dota you probably won't find much about it. In my case when i couln't figure up something i was searching in CS:GO hacks.. there is too many opensources for CS:GO.. and it's the same engine.. and also you need to get old dylib's before symbols which i posted somewhere here on forum and then download new one's.
This might help too

If you want to stick with cheat engine for now. You can check out this video It's like 2 years old, not sure if the way he explains it still works. But if i remember he explains how to find entitylist, probably abilities and items i think, all i remember is that i had a trouble with getting items to specific hero so if it's there it's most likely doesnt work that way anymore.

Anyway good luck.
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Jun 25, 2014
The only place that I know thats publicly disclosing Source 2 / dota 2 information is on UC. However with the SDK you should be fine. If you're lucky, they've fucked up again and dont strip symbols from the mac dylibs, so you can check those out.

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